Motorcycle Headset Communications}

By | August 16, 2017

Submitted by: Yeva Bailey

Communications and motorbikes are two things that have not invariably functioned effectively together, from the motorcycle security aspects to efficiency and dependability on the road, it is often a trial and error process to uncover what precisely is effective. Luckily, engineering has kept up with several enhancements which make communications less difficult and less hazardous on a motorcycle. One of the biggest difficulty with motorcycle communications is the fact that you need both of your hands on the handle bars and all your awareness on the road. Developments in wireless motorcycle communication accessories and compatibility have resulted in hands free communications and equipment like in-helmet microphones and audio systems that help make riding and talking possible without compromising motorcycle basic safety.

Motorcycle communications accessories have numerous products for any day-to-day driver, but police force and military have almost certainly gained by far the most from these kinds of software. Police force especially includes a very demanding group of specifications regarding mobility, range along with reliability for most apparent motives. An police officer have to have maximum range of motion without cables as well as plugs which may limit or hinder the officer’s response time period, efficiency or even compromise motorcycle safe practices. All the communications accessories have to be absolutely consistent in operations and also deal with the rigors regarding field work.

Hansen Enterprises is an accomplished leader in motorcycle security equipment and motorcycle communications components for the private consumer, military and law enforcement departments all over the country and supply several of the best services around. The Harley Military / Law Enforcement grade Hi-Fi stereo headset is one of the finest and most reliable motorcycle headsets out there. Having features such as a durable headwear wiring harness along with a nylon and neoprene chinstrap, in addition to noise cancelling frequency response and a waterproof microphone, this specific head set is made for the road. The system is available in half shell, 3/4, or full screen headgear and comes with an installation guide and instruction manuals for the helmet.

YouTube Preview Image

These kinds of systems offer great all-aroundness along with independence while enabling you stay connected any time while travelling or even in the field. These kind of headphones aren’t just for communicating though, with a speedy hooking up and disconnecting plug you or the passenger can easily tune in to favorite songs or receive information over the dual stereo speakers in the motorcycle helmet while never having to take your eyes from the road or your hands of the handlebars. Motorcycle security and handy wireless communications are now able to come together to help keep you mobile, safe and in touch.

Motorcycle communications components possess several applications for the daily driver, but law enforcement and military have almost certainly gained probably the most from these types of software. Law enforcement especially has a extremely tough pair of requirements for mobility, range and also dependability for a lot of apparent motives. An police officer need to have maximum range of motion without the need of electrical wires and also plugs that might limit or hinder the officer’s response time frame, performance or even compromise motorcycle security. These communications accessories must be consistent throughout operation and be able to cope with the rigors associated with field work.

About the Author: Hansen Enterprises is an accomplished leader in motorcycle communication headsets and motorcycle security equipment.Visit

for more info


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Scientology ties at New Village Leadership Academy stir controversy for Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith

Scientology ties at New Village Leadership Academy stir controversy for Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith

By | August 15, 2017

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Calabasas, California private elementary school New Village Leadership Academy (NVLA) opened its 2009–10 school year this week amid controversy over its connections to Scientology. The school was founded by celebrity couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, who paid about US$1 million to lease the facility in 2008. Former head of school Jacqueline Olivier was removed from her job in July, and replaced by Piano Foster, an individual who has taken Scientology courses at the organization’s Celebrity Centre.

Smith and Pinkett-Smith are good friends with Scientologists Katie Holmes and her husband Tom Cruise. In 2006, Smith acknowledged to World Entertainment News Network that he had discussed Scientology with Cruise: “I’ve talked to Tom about it. [There’s] lots of incredible, wonderful concepts but Jada and I don’t necessarily believe in organized religion.” ABC News reported that 2008 tax returns for the Smiths show they gave $122,500 to organizations with ties to the Church of Scientology.

“All I can say is it is not a Scientology school.”

In an interview with Ebony, Pinkett-Smith denied the school was affiliated with Scientology: “All I can say is it is not a Scientology school. Now, If you don’t trust me, and you are questioning my integrity, that’s a whole different matter. That is straight evil to think I would bring families into that educational institution and then try to get them to convert into some religion,” she said. According to New York Daily News, the school is registered with the government of California as “non-religious”.

The school utilizes a teaching methodology called Study Technology, which was developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Study Technology is promoted through Applied Scholastics, a Scientology-associated organization founded in 1972. “Study Technology is a secular methodology intended to help students better understand what is being studied and apply it to real life,” said Pinkett-Smith in an email to Karin Pouw, an official with the Church of Scientology, was contacted by ABC News but did not comment on a possible affiliation between NVLA and Scientology, instead referring questions back to the school itself.

New York Daily News cited Radar Online in reporting that former head of school Olivier was fired from her position because she had issues with the Study Tech teaching methodology used in the school. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Olivier was removed from her $200,000 position with the school because she reportedly did not agree with portions of the school’s curriculum which were developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

“What they seem to have is some sort of a hybrid. Scientology repackaged for the Hollywood crowd.”

Carnegie Mellon University computer science Professor David S. Touretzky, described by ABC News as “the most ardent critic of Study Technology”, spoke with about his thoughts on Scientology connections with the school: “What they seem to have is some sort of a hybrid. Scientology repackaged for the Hollywood crowd. It’s hitting all the politically correct elements … but snuck in there is this Scientology stuff.” Professor Touretzky operates a web site which analyzes Study Tech and argues that it is actually a form of Scientology masked as an educational method. In a February 2008 interview with Wikinews, Professor Touretzky mused that recent criticism of Scientology on the Internet might prove to “warn off Hollywood celebs from cozying up to the cult”, including Will Smith.

Executive director of the California Association of Independent Schools, Jim McManus, was also critical of L. Ron Hubbard’s methodology, stating: “I look at the Study Tech ideas and it doesn’t seem sound educationally.” University of Virginia psychology professor Dan Willingham, author of Why Don’t Students Like School, asserted to ABC News that the methodology is flawed: “It’s perfectly possible that the methodology is based on ridiculous principles and that something effective is happening in the classroom, but ridiculous principles certainly lowers that possibility.”

“This revenue stream is one of the many sources of income which the Church of Scientology uses for such tactics as invoking frivolous lawsuits and hiring private investigators to intimidate critics.”

Members of the Internet-based group critical of Scientology, Project Chanology, were present at the school’s 2009 opening to protest what they called a “front” of the Church of Scientology. A 2008 press release by Project Chanology was critical of what it referred to as the revenue the Church of Scientology receives from licensing fees schools pay the organization for utilizing the Study Tech teaching methodology. “This revenue stream is one of the many sources of income which the Church of Scientology uses for such tactics as invoking frivolous lawsuits and hiring private investigators to intimidate critics,” said the press release.

According to the web site, which publishes data compiled from Scientology magazines Freewinds, Celebrity and Auditor, multiple individuals in management roles at NVLA have attended Scientology classes. In addition to the newly installed head of school, Piano Foster, the school’s director of learning Tasia Jones and its artistic director Sisu Raiken have both received Scientology course training. “I officially took over on July 1, 2009, and I’m looking forward to the challenge. I’ve been working in education for the past 20 years at various public and charter schools so I feel I’m ready for the job,” said Foster of her new position at NVLA.

“Piano Man” is not British actor, search down to three leads

“Piano Man” is not British actor, search down to three leads

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 Correction — May 30, 2005 As noted below, there is no relationship between the “Piano Man” and Geoffrey Betts. While the speculative nature of this article was clearly pointed out from the beginning, Wikinews would nevertheless like to apologize to Mr. Betts for any inconvenience it may have caused. (See also Wikinews editor CGorman’s apology.) 

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Wikinews reported on May 17 that several weeks earlier British police had picked up an unidentified man wandering the streets of Sheerness, United Kingdom. The man who has thus far refused to talk, has demonstrated himself to be an excellent pianist—earning him the nickname Piano Man.

Since publication of our first article, we have been contacted by a fellow wiki contributor informing us that the Piano Man may be a British actor named Geoffrey Betts. Although our contact strongly believed he knew the identity of the man and contacted the relevant authorities in regard to his belief, this has turned out to be false. While Betts was not reachable by phone or e-mail, his website was recently updated to the effect that he is not the man in question. In the meantime, the search for the identity has been narrowed down to three leads by authorities.

The original interview between Wikinews editor CGorman and contributor Steve Magruder is reproduced below.

Police station attacked following illegal rave

Police station attacked following illegal rave

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Two police vehicles were damaged and police officers narrowly avoided injury in Great Yarmouth, England after a mob of over 100 people assembled outside a local police station.

The event has been labelled by local police as a ‘major incident’ and has so far resulted in 15 arrests pertaining to violent disorder, possession of drugs and taking a vehicle without consent. Over 100 police officers were involved in the event; many of them from bordering counties.

The mob assembled in the early hours of Monday morning and threw missiles including wine bottles and beer cans at the building.

The conflict is thought to be connected to the prior arrests of three people driving a van containing sound equipment in connection with an unlicensed music event which was being monitored by the police several hours earlier. At the event, police had made three arrests and seized 44 vehicles.

The police are also investigating a burglary which occurred on Harfrey’s Industrial Estate in the close vicinity of the illegal music event. Police Chief Supt Scully has warned people away from the area as it is now being treated as a crime scene.

Does Cotton Silk Sarees Have Any Age Restraint?}

By | August 6, 2017

Submitted by: Sam Antwon

The cotton textile is considered to be the most versatile and comfortable fabric which is widely accepted around the globe. When talking about the cotton sarees, it was one of the regular and traditional Indian attire worn by the majority of the Indian women. The trend of cotton silk sarees has an authentic connection with the ancient fashion history and this is evident as we have seen our grandma owning the beautiful cotton sarees collection.

Taking into account the acceptance of cotton sarees among elderly womencan this textile drapery break the age barriers? Or it has already made a style statement among women of all ages?

Take a look towards the present transformations and acceptance of cotton sarees!!!

The charming era of cotton sarees has made its graceful identity since the antique period till the recent times. It was widely worn by women those times as a comfort wear, while taking over the everyday chores and keeping the Indian identity elegantly restored. Cotton sarees was a fundamental everyday comfort drapery and it was not only the wardrobe essentials those times but also was considered as the symbol of serene and simple dressing. The beauty of women those times in a pretty and sober cotton saree was the true definition of pure grace and the best part was that, their ignorance towards their own charm, which makes them genuinely appealing. The cotton sarees too hold that kind of a quality and it silently brings out a lovely style element to the wearer.

When we have reached the modern fashion times, where women have stretched themselves towards the contemporary style evolutions, this simple cotton saree still has a firm will-power to survive through the numerous fashion innovations. It has got an amazing uplift in this modern era too and has ignored the age criteria. It is pleasantly accepted, by all age groups of women, especially by the younger generations. They want to strengthen the values of cotton sarees and have identified its authentic beauty. It has been acknowledged as the most flexible drapery that can pull out any occasion beautifully and effortlessly. It has made itself very clear that it can instantly light up any personality or feature without considering the age limits.

The new thoughts and experiments by todays stylish youths have given some interesting additions and creativity to the saree giving it a new definition of beauty and style. The intricate and pretty work of thread embellishments, the unique play with the hues, incorporation of traditional prints and motifs, the innovative styles of draping and its coordination with the designer patterns of blouses, jewellery pieces and accessories are enhancing the beauty of cotton sarees even further and giving the wearer an image of style forwarding dressing along with restoring the traditional Indian essence. The professional Fashion Designers introducing the cotton sarees with a unique edge of style is totally pulling out the interest of the women and they are not anymore relating the cotton sarees to their age. They just want to flaunt the drape beautifully at their best as the saree perfectly fits for a casual, office or even ceremonial occasions.

With this ongoing success of cotton silk sarees, it will surely be in fashion as a classic drape for all ages of women and rule their wardrobe perpetually.

About the Author: Sam Antwon is a B.Tech graduate in Fashion Technology, a fashion lover and provides information on latest trends in fashion. He has contributed several articles on handloom silk sarees , kanchipuram silk sarees , uppada sarees, uppada silk sarees, kora silk sarees, banarasi sarees, banarasi silk sarees , pure cotton silk sarees, cotton silk saree s etc


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Moscow gas pipeline catches fire

Moscow gas pipeline catches fire

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

A fire broke out in southeast Moscow stemming from a gas pipeline. According to local officials, flames reached up to 200 meters (600 feet) above the city.

According to the mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, at least five people were injured by the fire, one of them suffering 35 percent burns on his body. There are no reports of deaths. The mayor added that the probable cause of the fire is “an upsurge of pressure in the pipeline, as a result of which an explosion took place underground.” Deputy mayor Pyotr Birukov says he doesn’t remember a fire of such proportions happening in Moscow.

The fire broke out at 00:30 local time (20:30 on Saturday, GMT), sending flames into the sky. By the morning the fire was brought under control, reducing the flames to 20 meters (60 feet) of height. The Russian Ministry of Emergencies reported the fire being ranked as Category 5, the most serious category on the ministry’s incident assessment scale. 35 fire brigade units were dispatched to fight the blaze. The fire is believed to have been caused by “technical” problems, according to Agence France-Presse as reported by

“All of our efforts are directed towards reducing the temperature around the centre of the fire”, said the deputy emergency situations minister Alexander Chupriyan. He also predicted that the fire will be put out by midday. Deputy mayor Birukov added that the city’s energy system won’t be affected by the fire. However, municipal telecommunications company reported that 80,000 people lost their phone connections, as the fire burnt nearby underground cables.

The transportation authorities closed the traffic in the area near the fire, including the Michurinsky Avenue, an important arterial street connecting the outskirts with the Moscow River in the city center. About 25 parked cars with no occupants inside were damaged by the fire, while dozens of residents appeared to record the blaze with camcorders.

The fire did not threaten the nearby apartment blocks. The building nearest to the fire is an administrative building 200 meters away and the nearest residential building is a 19-story apartment block 500 meters (1600 feet) away.

Fires like this one are becoming increasingly frequent in the area of the former Soviet Union due to the aging structure of transporting energents, which has not been refit in decades. Officials are saying that the preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest finals due next weekend won’t be affected.

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Learn How To Sell Your Rv Online?}

By | July 15, 2017

Submitted by: James Edward Brown

Are you thinking about selling your RV now? You may have many reasons to do it as the most possible reasons can be you may need cash for something urgent or you would like to buy a new model for which you need to make a down payment etc. Whatever may be the reason, selling through internet will probably the best place for you for getting a good deal on used RVs. By selling online, you will not only have access to people worldwide, you will get the complete global market.

Now the most important question takes place how to sell your RV now through online. There are certain things that you need to do for selling RV online. Well, you could get it cleaned or detailed so that it looks really clean. You must replace little fixtures, accessories and parts that require replacement. These are all required to increase the perceived value of your vehicle.

When you are almost ready to post your advertisement online, you should make it sure that you have at least 10 good pictures of your RV. Take some exterior pictures from both sides – the back and the front. After that, you should take some interior pictures showcasing the different areas of your vehicle. Once you take some good shots of your RV, upload the pictures to your computer.

YouTube Preview Image

In recent times, there are so many websites available that will allow you to post your RV classified ads on them. Some of them allow free ad posting with photos and will ask you to pay a fee to have your advertisements in the featured section.

Whenever you are posting your advertisement, try to include as many details as possible. Most of the people often write only a short description. But you must try by all means to describe the best features of your vehicle in order to catch the attention of the buyers. The price of RV is so far required to be considered, it is always a good idea to post a reasonable price but no need to fix it, make it negotiable. You are surely going to get a huge number of offers for your RV. By making the price negotiable, you will be able to get your prospective buyers to bid on your recreational vehicle and then you can sell it to the highest bidder.

Some folks are ready to buy and some are not. When you will post your advertisement online, you will get many leads. However you need to make the selection very carefully and choose the best deal. By selling RV of your own, you can easily determine your own price and you will typically get the best price by doing it in this way. However, there you will get the cost of advertising and thereby offering the vehicle a complete detail. You will have to show your vehicle to the potential customers and thereby monitor test drives. You must prepare a bill of sale and have the title ready to transfer over to the new owners. This bill of sale is important at the time of selling your used RV to a new customer.

Hence, these are some of the formalities you will have to complete before going to sell your RV now through online.

About the Author: James Brown is a writer and has done extensive research on various consumer related topics like Motorhomes, sell your RV now etc. if you would like to get some more information on various types of luxury vehicles. For More Information Please Visit This Site:


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Wail of sirens marks Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel

Wail of sirens marks Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel

By |

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A 2-minute siren wail which began in Israel at 10 a.m. Thursday marked the beginning of Yom HaShoah, the country’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. Israelis across the nation paused their daily activities for a moment of silence in memory of the six million Jews murdered by Nazis in the Holocaust during World War II. Drivers turned off their vehicles and stood at attention in the middle of the road, and pedestrians stopped and bowed their heads. Names of victims were read aloud in the Knesset, the legislature of Israel.

Individuals laid wreaths at a memorial for the Warsaw Ghetto uprising at Yad Vashem, Israel’s official memorial to Jewish victims of the Holocaust. National ceremonies began at Yad Vashem on Wednesday evening, with the lighting of a flame by a Holocaust survivor. In all six torches were lit, in memory of the six million Jews who died during the Holocaust. Approximately 270,000 survivors of the Holocaust live in Israel today, 80,000 of whom survived Nazi death camps.

Entertainment venues, theaters, and movie cinemas closed shop at sundown Wednesday. Television stations and radio programming focused on memorial of the Holocaust. Memorial events end at sunset on Thursday, and will be followed one week later by the 60th anniversary of the declaration of independence of Israel in 1948, known as Yom Ha’atzmaut.

A leader who plans mass destruction, together with weapons of mass destruction. What would have been left of our world?

Shimon Peres, Israel’s President, spoke at Yad Vashem, and compared the potential danger which Israel says is posed by Iran’s nuclear program, to that faced by Jews during the Holocaust. “In history, it is forbidden to be late,” said Peres, saying that the world reacted too late to Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. “My heart shudders when I recall that there was a possibility that Hitler could acquire nuclear weapons. A leader who plans mass destruction, together with weapons of mass destruction. What would have been left of our world?” asked Peres. Aides later stated that Peres was referring to Iran.

Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert also referred to Iran in his remarks at Yad Vashem. “You wish to deny the right of existence of the Jewish state, and you are wrong to believe that the Jewish state was created only due to the Holocaust. The Holocaust only underscored the necessity of its creation and the horrible price that the Jewish people had to pay for the lack of existence of a state that can shelter them,” said Olmert. Other speakers at Yad Vashem emphasized the importance of the Israel Defense Forces, Israel’s military forces, to prevent tragedies such as the Holocaust in the future.

We have learned our lesson and we take very seriously the threats of state leaders who call for the destruction of Israel.

Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi, military chief of staff of Israel, led an annual march of Jewish youths, Poles and survivors at Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland, in a memorial ceremony called The March of the Living. Auschwitz-Birkenau operated as a Nazi death camp during the Holocaust. 12,000 people gathered from 52 countries to take part in the memorial ceremony. The largest march took place in 2005, and former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon joined with 20,000 people. “… in these days, as we celebrate 60 years of independence, the fact that an independent Jewish state exists is not something to be taken for granted. Even today, we hear the horrible sounds of those who call for the destruction of the state of Israel. Even today we are forced to continue and fight for our right to have a national home in a safe place for the Jewish people in their own land. We have learned our lesson and we take very seriously the threats of state leaders who call for the destruction of Israel,” said Ashkenazi.

Hamas television Thursday suggested that the Holocaust was organized by Jews to wipe out the disabled among their own people to prepare for the creation of a Jewish state. “The Israeli Holocaust – the whole thing was a joke, and part of the perfect show that (Zionist leader and future Israeli prime minister) Ben Gurion put on,” said head of the Palestinian Centre for Strategic Research Amin Dabur, according to Jerusalem-based Palestinian Media Watch. Dabur said that the “young energetic and able” went to Israel, and that those who were disabled were sent “so there would be a Holocaust”.

Though Iran has said that its nuclear program is peaceful in nature, the United States, Israel, and other countries believe it is attempting to construct nuclear weapons. In speeches Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that the Jewish state should be destroyed. Ahmadinejad has called the Holocaust “a myth”. Tehran hosted a revisionist Holocaust conference in 2006, which provoked international criticism. Tel Aviv University published a study on Monday saying that acts of anti-Semitism in 2007 increased by about seven percent over 2006.

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As the Eurovision entrants return home, the home crowds weigh in

As the Eurovision entrants return home, the home crowds weigh in

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Most of the Eurovision entrants have returned home from their sojourn in Moscow, Russia, and the newspapers across Europe have varied opinions. Most national newspapers congratulated their entrants on a job well done, while others trash-talked other entrants, and still others called for their countries to pull out of the Contest.

Here are some interviews, articles and opinions that made it to the front pages of newspapers and to their sanctioned blogs.

Norway’s mass media was filled with stories revolving around the winner, Alexander Rybak, but a secondary story that received press coverage was outcry against NRK‘s Eurovision commentator, Synnøve Svabø, who was criticized for talking incessantly during the event, making leering comments regarding the contents inside the male entrants’ tight pants, and making a joke about stuffing sweatsocks in her own bra. When asked for a statement by Aftenposten, Svabø said, “I guess people think I should have put the socks in my throat.” NRK did not comment on Svabø’s commentating or whether she will be returning next year.

Sweden’s newspaper Aftonbladet wrote that the “Swede of the evening” was not Sweden’s entrant Malena Ernman, but Malmö-raised Arash Labaf, one of the two singers placing third for Azerbaijan. Markus Larsson wrote, “21st place? Well, this is our second-worst result ever…Malena Ernman fell so far and deep that she almost ended up in Finland. That is to say, almost last.” When asked if she was disappointed, Ernman responded, “No, but I am sorry if the Swedes are disappointed.” She went on to quip, “Europe is simply not ready for my high notes.”

Finland, despite placing last, wrote upbeat stories; Helsingin Sanomat published an interview with Waldo and Karoliina from the Finnish act, Waldo’s People, who announced how happy they were to have participated and will be going right back to work with performances and recordings as soon as they return to Finland.

Most British newspapers in past years published lengthy screeds regarding their bad luck in the Contest and whether they should send an entrant at all. This year all that talk subsided, and newspapers published articles congratulating Jade Ewen on her fifth place ranking. Sir Terry Wogan, former Eurovision commentator for the BBC, said to the Daily Express about this year’s voting overhaul, “I think my protest about the voting was totally vindicated by the changes that were made to the scoring this year. It made a real difference. It was the change that Eurovision needed.” One of the headlines in Monday’s Daily Mail reads: “She did us proud.” Andrew Lloyd Webber, who worked with Ewen, said, “Jade performed brilliantly. After years of disappointing results, the UK can finally hold its head high.”

Spain’s newspaper El Mundo published an article entitled “Soraya’s fiasco,” outlining Soraya Arnelas‘s failure to receive points from 37 of the 41 other voting nations, with the writer remarking, “After a whole year trying to forget [Rodolfo Chikilicuatre, Spain’s “joke entrant” from 2008], Soraya jumped on-stage with strength…Spain’s experiment ended with longing [for] Rodolfo Chikilicuatre.” When asked about her performance and the result, Arnelas said, “I’ll hang on to the experiences I had, the great friends that I made and I’m happy because now I’m known in Europe.”

French newspapers and blogs were muted compared to other countries, but the overall feeling was still very supportive of Patricia Kaas, who placed eighth. In an interview with Le Figaro, Kaas said, “Eighth place, that’s not so bad. It was a great moment for France, we held our head high.” France Soir noted, “[Kaas’s] emotion does not seem to have found a place with competitors that have relied on heavy artillery choreography worthy of those like Shakira, and glamorous outfits, to ensure a place on the podium.”

German newspapers published lengthy stories analyzing why Germany was in the bottom quartile for the third straight year. Die Welt wrote, “The Germans have become accustomed to it: winning the Eurovision Song Contest just does not work [for us]. [Compared] to the total failure of last place with No Angels last year, [this] result is almost a sensational success.” Bild commented, “For years we have had little success. Germany’s placement, despite all efforts, will not be better. Why are we still participating in the Eurovision Song Contest?”

Ireland, who failed to make it to the final, led the cry to pull out of Eurovision. In the Irish Independent, Ian O’Doherty wrote, “Ireland managed something quite rare and rather gratifying last week — we actually managed to produce a Eurovision song that didn’t make you want to rip off your own eyelids so you could stuff them in your ears to stop the horrible sounds…[Sinéad] Mulvey’s elimination is proof of one thing: we need to pull out of this pile of rubbish as soon as possible.”

The Netherlands, another nation that did not make it past the semi-final round, has been very apathetic toward the Contest in recent years, and this year was no different. De Telegraaf conducted an opinion poll of Dutch television viewers, and 90% of them believed the Netherlands should not enter the Contest anymore. Despite the stated apathy, 2.5 million Dutch viewers watched De Toppers compete in the second semi-final, an improvement of 800,000 from last year’s semi-final, where Dutch entrant Hind also failed to advance. De Toppers singer Gordon, in an interview with De Telegraaf, said that the Netherlands should continue to compete: “One time, we will succeed.”

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NGOs in Taiwan to promote carbon-decreasing movements in different sectors before Earth Day

NGOs in Taiwan to promote carbon-decreasing movements in different sectors before Earth Day

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Before the annual Earth Day on April 22, several environmental-related events were progressively promoted in Taiwan. For example, industrial and academical units promoted several energy-efficiency policies, parts and accessories, and products in three recently-closed trade shows (AutoTronics Taipei, Motorcycle Taiwan, and Taipei AMPA) respectively located at TWTC and TWTC Nangang with the international environmental laws and policies promoted in several nations including Taiwan. Taiwan Railway Administration promoted “Twin-rail Environmental Train” (in Chinese: ??????) for bicycle and mass transportation industries. And also, HBO Taiwan promoted the movement of “Decreasing chopsticks to save the earth” (in Chinese: ?????) to drive the public changing habits on common food habits when using environmental tablewares.

It’s bad and worse on the major issue of greenhouse effect because of bad habits on common people in the presence. not only the event by HBO, [I think] the public should pay more attention to understand the importance of energy-saving to improve the environment in Taiwan.

By the way, he also commented on the upcoming event of “Taiwan Bicycle Day” and “Project of Light-weighted Electronic Vehicle” by ITRI and said:

In fact, the Taipei City Government had provided several bicycle lanes on several riverside parks and roads for riding. And about the “Project of LEV” by ITRI, although it was firmly a good idea for energy-efficiency and will bring into reality in the future, but the ITRI should consider some sectors on energy resources and the LEC-related policies must be considered by governments.Generally, not only bicycles, I hope the public can use the public transport like city bus and the MRT to support the world-wide movement of carbon-decreasing.

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